Falaises en Corse

Falaises en Corse

Leger, Fernand
(Argentan, 4 februariĀ 1881 - Gif-sur-Yvette, 17 augustusĀ 1955)


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Schilder- en Tekenkunst
32.5 cm
24.2 cm


Rechtsonder gesigneerd en gedateerd 'FL 34'. Vervaardigd aan boord van Gerald en Sarah Murphy's jacht de 'Weatherbird' tijdens de zeilreis van Antibes naar Corsica. Herkomst: Maxwell Davidson, New York. Sotheby's London 21 oct 1987. Collectie Wiebe Tuinman afgeb. gelijknamig boek pagina 182-183. Huidige eigenaar kocht dit werk aan bij Kunsthandel Tegenbosch, heusden. Ieder aannemelijk bod wordt in overweging genomen.

Literatuur: Robert T. Buck et al., Fernand Leger, Albert-Knox Art Gallery, Abbeville Press, New York, 1982. H.H. Arnason, 'A history of Modern Art', harry N. Abrams Inc., New York/Thames and Hudson, London 3rd revised and enlarged edition, 1988, pp 175-178.

In the summer of 1934, Léger joined Sara and Gerald Murphy in Antibes on their yacht Weatherbird. Gerald Murphy recalled the trip:

'During the first day out the sea was smooth and Fernand, who had never been aboard a sailing vessel, was fascinated with the rigging and all the contrivances on board. He had brought a notebook and a few watercolors with him and he spent the entire day making sketches. He had never worked under such conditions and it stimulated him enormously. The second day out the weather turned bad as we encountered Mistral. Very much to his surprise he did not feel the rough sea as he expected and persisted in his work. He made quite a joke of his being able to remain at his post while some of the rest of us were unable to do so. It was for this reason that he wrote on the cover of the notebook, "A Sara et Gerald de leur mousse fidèle [To Sara and Gerald, from their loyal cabin boy".' Gerald Murphy

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